Big Island, Hawaii: Module 9/10 Nov 4-5; Module 11/12 Nov 7-8

Join Karin and Nancy for a BowenVacation™

Want to advance with Module 9,10, 11, or 12?

Or would you like to review either if those courses at a discount?

The Big Island, the youngest of all the Hawaiian Islands, and still forming, is home to the most diverse micro climates - from snow capped mountains, to lava flows, to rain forests, to tropical beaches. We will be holding class, and inexpensive accommodations are available, at an Eco-Lodge above Kealakekua Bay. Local and organic lunches will be catered.

The day prior to Modules 9/10, and the day between 9/10 and 11/12 will be opportunities for group or solo activities. Group field trips might be swimming or kayaking at Kealakekua Bay; or snorkeling at Two Step, near the Place of Refuge, at Kealakekua Bay , or at Manini Beach. Volcano National Park is nearby, offering stunning sightseeing and hiking through the crater. A little farther are the tropical beach settings at the resorts, and beautiful botanical gardens.


“The seminar on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian Islands, was a great way to get away from the routine of home, and at the same time, to have my family with me, while continuing my education. The accommodations were very comfortable, were conveniently located to beaches and restaurants, and, since the housing was at the same location as the workshop, they were convenient for workshop participation, as well. I felt as though I had had a very relaxing mini vacation with my family, and at the same time, learned a new technique that I will be able to use in my office on Monday morning.”

Aloha, Carol

Questions? Email Nancy at coolbeannp@earthlink.net or Karin at twohigk@aol.com

Tuition: $450 for either class if you are taking credit. Ask us about reviewing the class at a discount.