Associate Instructor Training

November 11-14, 2017 in Carmel, CA

“Teaching the Intro classes has boosted my practice by educating my clients. I have a higher return of business. It’s the best form of marketing for Bowenwork practitioners I can imagine.”

Tara “Cobalt” Coy, Bowenwork Practitioner/Instructor, LMT; Portland, Oregon


Would you like to have more clients?

Would you like to increase your visibility in the community?

Would you like to help spread the word about Bowenwork?

If yes, then maybe you would like to teach the four-hour course, Bowenwork: An Introduction to Wellness in Your Hands!   American Bowen Academy’s Associate Instructor Training involves four days of training, including two Practitioner Days (in themselves valued at $395) – for a total cost of only $800. Plus you get 10 free introductory-class manuals worth $250. It’s a win-win situation for all!

In addition, this four-day training qualifies you as a member of American Bowen Academy’s team of instructors.

American Bowen Academy’s Associate Instructor program was designed, in part, to answer the number one request of practitioners in an online survey we administered a few years ago, namely to increase the awareness of Bowenwork through marketing, advertising, and publicity.

With the costs of comprehensive, nationwide advertising currently beyond the reach of our growing organization, we made a decision to supplement our targeted advertising initiatives with a grassroots, bottom-up approach; hence American Bowen Academy’s Associate Instructor Training was born. This training empowers practitioners to get paid while marketing and growing their own practice. You can foster a well-informed client base through teaching public classes that introduce your local markets to Bowenwork. At the same time, such efforts swell the numbers of people throughout the country who know about Bowenwork, making what you do for a living a household name.

The “emergency” moves that are taught in the four-hour course will not replace the work of a professional Bowenwork practitioner. Rather, the moves will demonstrate the power of the work and act as a band-aid until the recipient can see you for a complete session.

The important thing is this: Bowenwork becomes the first thing people think about when they are injured or in pain. This is good news for their well-being, for your growing practice, and for American Bowen Academy’s mission to promote Bowenwork nationwide.

If you want to join the growing ranks of Associate Instructors eligible to teach the four-hour intro class to the public, please contact Sue Rutter ( for an application.