"I have attended 6 modules of Bowenwork with Karin Twohig of the Bowenwork School of Carmel, California, both at her center in Carmel and also in Hawaii.

Her teaching style and dedication to my learning experience has impressed me greatly, and I am not alone. Almost every student in my class has continued on with all of the modules and no one has been left behind due to Karin’s constant support, flexibility and caring style. Some returning students from other classes have commented that they learned so much more about the technique in Karin’s class than in any other they had attended and felt much more confident about their abilities. Even a long time graduate from another class said that she now really understood a lot more about what she was doing since attending a refresher course with Karin.

There is a lot to learn and it seems easy in her classes. There is a tremendous amount of hands-on learning right from the start, both giving and receiving the Bowenwork. It seems that this keeps the students excited and interested as well as being able to actually get to “feel” what the work is all about from different hands and on different bodies.

Karin creates a low-pressure environment while maintaining a fully educational experience where you leave having learned more than you thought. She is adamant about the form and sticks with you ‘til you get it. Karin is fully dedicated to the original Bowen technique as taught by Tom Bowen and does not let you slide by because she is going to make sure that if you want to become a certified Bowen Practitioner, you will."

MM/Monterey, CA


Module 1

$425 Is the starting price

You'll learn:
The Bowenwork Move
Lower Back Procedure
Upper Back Procedure
Neck Procedure
Kidney Procedure
Head Procedure
Working with a Client
Prerequisites: none

Module 2

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

You'll learn:
Respiratory Procedure
Shoulder Procedure (with an Assistant)
Shoulder Procedure (without an Assistant)
Hamstring Procedure
Cramp Procedure
Prerequisites: Module 1

Module 3

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

You'll learn:
Pelvic Procedure
Elbow/Wrist Procedure
Sacral Procedure
Knee Procedure
Prerequisites: Module 2

Module 4

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

You'll learn:
Ankle Procedure (with Strapping)
Upper Respiratory/TMJ Procedure
Forearm Procedure
Bowenwork Seated
Procedures for Babies and Children
Hammer Toe Procedure (with Strapping)
Bunion Procedure
Tom Bowen’s Home Remedies
Prerequisites: Module 3

Module 5

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

You'll learn:
Coccyx Procedure
North Procedure (Shoulder)
East Procedure (Shoulder)
South Procedure (Shoulder)
West Procedure (Shoulder)
Gall Bladder Procedure
Chest Procedure
Prerequisites: Module 4

Module 6

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

You'll learn:
5A or 7A Medially Procedure (Hamstrings)
Bursitis Procedure
Recommendations to Assist Conception
Perineal Procedure
Bedwetting Procedure
Thoracic Procedure
Buttock Pain Procedure
Ossie’s Recommendations
Prerequisites: Module 5

Module 7

$450 if paid 22 days early or $480 thereafter

Module 7 is a two-day testing module, administered by an assessing instructor. At least one month must elapse between Module 6 and Module 7. We highly recommend that you attend a Review Class before taking Module 7.Prior to the start of Module 7, the assessing instructor will provide a list of everything that will be covered, primarily information a student should have learned and reviewed in Modules 1-6. Module 7 includes a written test on the Module 6 material only and a hands-on demonstration of all procedures learned in Module 1-6. Your instructor also assesses your knowledge of when to observe all mandatory pauses.
Prerequisites: Module 6, plus 10 case studies and 50 log hours completed

Module 8

$395 if paid 22 days early or $425 thereafter

Module 8 is designed to deepen the understanding of applying Bowenwork procedures in specialized areas of interest as well as reviews from different perspectives.


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